U.S.S Anzio

The USS Anzio was named in honor of the men and women who served at Anzio. She will sail the seas dedicated to preserving the freedom won on the Anzio beachhead while keeping alive the boundless bravery and fighting spirit of each Anzio veteran.

SHIELD: Dark blue and gold are traditional naval colors representing the sea and responsibility, authority, accountability and spirit aboard a warship. Red and white evoke the stars and stripes of the national flag and symbolize the sacrifice of those who fell at the Anzio Beachhead and the principles of liberty and democracy for which they fought. The assault is recalled by the broken chevron thrusting through the enemy line and the tudor rose, maple leaf, and bald eagle honor the armed forces of the three nations that fought h ere together: Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. The upward thrust of the chevron symbolizes the vertical launchers of the USS ANZIO. Embattlements are symbolic of entrenched lines the extensive campaign ashore during which allied troops refused defeat despite the enemy's numerical superiority; by holding their ground with uncommon valor, they prevailed. The cross edged weapons are a sailor's cutlass and an officer's dress sword, representing combat readiness and the fundamental shipboard teamwork without which victory is not possible. The single gold star commemorates the Navy Unit Commendation to USS ANZIO (CVE 57) , the escort carrier subsequently commissioned during World War II, and the nine stars commemorate her battles in that great war.

CREST: The anchor, emblematic of ships and the sea, portrays hope reflective that the crew can only do its best, while the rest lay in God's hands. The light blue scroll entwined around the anchor acknowledges the 22 Medal of Honor recipients and the countless unnamed or unrecognized acts of gallantry and heroism at the Anzio Beachhead. The words Honor, Integrity, Heart, found on this blue ribbon, combine the essence of what is expected and anticipated of every crew member in ANZIO. The Aegis radar's gray octagonal shape characterizes ANZIO's potent weaponry and her unmatched air, surface and subsurface warfighting technology. The wings of the eagle in flight recall the first ANZIO (CVE 57) and also represent the attributes associated with America's national emblem; vigilance, preparedness, and courage in the face of the foe.

MOTTO: "Stand and Fight!" the order by Lieutenant General Mark Clark to the embattled Allies at Anzio.