Our Flag

Both the Allies and the Germans engaged in psychological warfare by routinely dropping propaganda leaflets designed to weaken our moral. Sal Chiefari (52nd DUKW BN), saved one of those leaflets dropped by the Germans intending to demoralize the allied troops, and when he returned home, he and an artist friend designed the flag based on the leaflet.

The resulting design depicts the Death's Head superimpossed over a map of the beachhead area surrounded by a split field of red and blue. The blue represent the Mediterranean Sea; the red represents the blood that was shed on the beachhead.

Proudly flying at our reunions and and events is the flag Sal Chiefari designed. After its commisioning the the flag was adopted by the USS ANZIO and authorized by the United States Navy to be flown by the ship as a regular duty flag when in port. A lapel pin, and enamel replica of the flag, is be worn on the right side of the white dress uniform of all officers and crew serving on the USS ANZIO. It is interesting to note that before a crew member is authorized to wear the lapel pin, he must undergo a test, administered by the Command Master Chief. Throughout the ship are pictured and citations of the 22 men who were awared the Medal of Honor. The crew member must select one of the recipients by name and recite the citation. If correct, he is authorized to wear the pin. The lapel pin is automatically presented to all Anzio Beachhead veterans.