Memoirs of Members

The links to the following pages in this section of the Anzio Beachhead Veterans website contain the written memoirs of our member veterans. They are accounts of the events that occurred at Anzio in the early months of 1944. Some have been taken from other sources which are acknowledged here, but all have been written so that we should not forget the price that has been paid to preserve our freedoms.

"Men of the Landing" contains the the memories of 17 beachhead members taken from the book Gli Uomini Dello Sbarco - Anzio/Nettuno 1944 by Silvano Casaldi, copyright 2006 by H.E. - Herald Editore, publisher. The title translated is The Men of the Landing - Anzio/Nettuno 1944 . The stories related here are from the members, both living and now deceased, of the Anzio Beachhead Veterans.

James Tolby Anderson, 30th Inf. Rgmt, 3rd Inf. Div. contains an excerpt form "War Time Experiences of James Tolby Anderson", a memoir written in 2004 by and published in his local newspaper.

George (Aravich) Avery, Co A,84th Cml Mortar Bn contains an excerpt from "I Remember Anzio" which appears in full on the website, a site dedicated to many Chemical Batallions

Lt. Avis Dagit, Nurse 56th Evac. Hopital contains one chapter from "A Half Acre of Hell - A Combat Nurse in WW II", by Avis D. Shorer, Published 2002 by Galde Press, Inc., Lakeview MN. describing her initial days on the Anzio Beachhead.

Cpl Pasquale "Pat" D'Amato, Co. "E", 3rd Ranger Batallion contains an excerpt from the book "After the Battle - Ranger Evasions and Escapes" by Lt.Col Clarence R. Meltesen published 1997 by Oflag 64 Press, recounting the experiences of his escape from a POW camp.

Bill Lowery 34th Infantry Division, 133rd Regiment, Company “B” contains a brief account of the war time experiences of Bill Lowery written by his son Gary W. Lowery of Marion Va.

Frank S. Pistone, Co L, 7th Inf. Rgmt, 3rd Inf. Div. is an excerpt from "DIG - Curse - Pray - My Life in Combat During WW II", a memoir written in 2010.

Charles Vargo, ex-POW, 45th Inf. Div. is a story written by Matthew S.L. Cate, a staff reporter from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, about the account of Charle Vargo as a POW. It was published in 2004.